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9 Food You Should be Avoiding


Most of these foods may be our favorites and we used them very often, but starting from now, we must avoid the consummation of this food, so we can stay healthy and has no further health troubles.

  1. Soy milk

Every non-organic soy product can contain hexane, a toxic chemical that can cause dangerous diseases, like cancer, birth defects, reproduction issues. You can even have problems with the natural hormone balance because of the estrogen that can be also contained in the soy products.

  1. Energy bars

Energy bars often are used for weight loss but they can bring opposite effects. Energy bars are full with refined sugars, soy protein and hydrogenated fat. If you must take one, you should choose one from these brands: PROBAR, Zing and Organic Food Bar.

  1. Frozen meals

We should always avoid frozen food because frozen meals are full with processed salt, preservatives and hydrogenated oils, and have lack of nutrients.

  1. Cured meat

Cured meat (bacon, hot dogs) contain sodium nitrite and many chemical preservatives, that can cause cancer and heart diseases.

  1. White bread

White bread is hard to digest, has no nutrients and can have chlorine and bromide. You should change it for something that contains vitamins and minerals that your body need.

  1. White rice

Unlikely the brown rice, which absorbed more slowly and provides more energy, white rice is stripped by all the nutrients and no health benefits.

  1. Margarine

Margarine has hydrogenated trans-fat that are very dangerous. His replacement can be butter, coconut oil or olive oil. 

  1. Microwaveable popcorn

The production of microwaveable popcorn contains: genetically modified corn, preservatives, processed salt and diacetyl – a chemical that can destroy the lungs. Organic corn in a kettle – will be your better option.

  1. Diet anything

Diet products contain artificial sweeteners (aspartame and sucralose) and chemical flavoring agents. These can be the reason for having neurological issues, endocrine disruption and gastrointestinal problems. So, we should eat more natural food.