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Turmeric Can Change Your Life: Here Are 7 Amazing Ways to Use It, According to 7,000 Studies


Turmeric is today one of the most popular spices, but this wonderful substance has been used for hundreds of years because of its incredible medical effectsEven 7000 scientific investigations done throughout the world have verified its ability to cure and prevent a variety of health ailments and disorders.
According to mythology, the wise men presented the newborn Jesus with three gifts: myrrh, frankincense, and gold. Because of its golden tone, many people assume the final refers to this excellent spice.

Despite its mention in the Bible, it has long been a popular Ayurvedic treatment, and Chinese records reveal that it has been used for more than two millennia.
This nutritious spice is also a powerful blood cleanser, and doctors used it to treat sickness in royalty. However, it took considerably longer for Western medicine to include turmeric into its remedies.

Turmeric has been utilized in the United States for the last three decades, and over 7000 research have demonstrated that it is an outstanding medicinal spice.
Only in the last 30 years has America begun to recognize the extraordinary medical potential of this ancient spice.


Nowadays, we live in a toxic world that harms our health and jeopardizes our well-being. Only 42, 000 new hazardous components were released into the environment last year. Toxins can be found in the air, water, food, daily items, cosmetics, cleaning products, and so on.

Many of them are harmful to human health because they affect the endocrine system, which distributes hormones straight into the circulation. Furthermore, many of these toxins harm main bodily organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys.


Exposure to these toxic chemicals is extremely harmful to our health, but we cannot totally escape their impact. As a result, we should strive to safeguard our health by employing numerous natural therapies that can help to prevent the negative effects of chemicals and maintain our well-being.

Despite various advancements and discoveries in the realm of contemporary medicine, humans are growing increasingly unwell and susceptible to disease.

A healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet may go a long way toward protecting health. Turmeric is one of the most helpful spices you should use on a daily basis.

Turmeric: The Ayurvedic Spice Of Life, by David Frawley and Prashanti De Heger, lists various turmeric components and claims that it has been established that this spice functions as a:
cancer prevention anti-tumor
herbicide antiulcer insectifuge antispasmodic antiseptic antibacterial fungicide
antiviral antiallergenic
Anti-inflammatory, and so on.

You are not alone in wondering why physicians do not prescribe this amazing spice instead of medications.
The daily usage of turmeric gives several health advantages, including:

It promotes gut health.
The health of the stomach is critical because it contains various mood-boosting and mood-stabilizing hormones. As a result, mood swings as well as other symptoms will be avoided.

It reduces inflammation.
If you work a lot, you may get inflammation. This spice will assist you in relieving it and avoiding sickness. Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can help avoid many chronic ailments.

“Turmeric has been used as a powerful anti-inflammatory in Chinese and Indian medicine for millennia,” says Dr. Mercola. Curcumin, the principal pharmacological ingredient in this spice, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects equivalent to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines and some prescription treatments.
However, curcumin does not have the hazardous side effects that synthetic medications can have, such as ulcer development, internal bleeding, and even a reduced white blood cell count.”

It encourages mental health.
This spice contains neuroprotective effects and promotes mental clarity and attention. Experts believe it can help with depression, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, tardive dyskinesia, and other neurological conditions.

We provide seven simple methods to include turmeric into your everyday routine:
Turmeric Kefir No. 1

This dish is both tasty and simple to make. Simply mix a teaspoon of turmeric into a cup of kefir to make your drink!
Ingredients for #2Turmeric Juice Shot
1 teaspoon turmeric powder or 12 inch turmeric root
salt from the sea
½ lemon
Preparation method
Squeeze the lemon and combine it with the turmeric and a teaspoon of sea salt in a mixing bowl. You may also combine these items in a blender.
Ingredients for Turmeric Soup #3
1 grated/chopped knuckle turmeric
4 cups vegetable broth or organic bone broth
Preparation method
For 15 minutes, boil the broth and turmeric together. Then, drain the largest bits and season with black pepper to improve turmeric absorption.
#4 Turmeric Tea Grate some turmeric into the tea maker. You may also make the tea as follows:

12 teaspoon freshly grated turmeric pinch black pepper
a squeeze of lime (improves turmeric bioavailability)
to taste, raw honey
1 cup warm water
Preparation method
Bring the water to a boil, then add the turmeric and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Then, take it off the heat and strain it. Enjoy your tea with the remaining ingredients.
Golden Milk #5
Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of warm coconut milk to make this drink fast. The following recipe, on the other hand, would be far more delectable:

1 tsp turmeric powder (fresh grated)
14 teaspoon freshly grated ginger powder 2 tablespoons raw honey
1 cup almond or coconut milk
14 teaspoon vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon
a pinch of clove
14 cup water a pinch of cardamom
Preparation method
Add all of the ingredients to a saucepan and cook for a minute.
Turmeric Scramble Ingredients #6
Add a pinch of turmeric to your eggs in the morning while you prepare your breakfast. That’s all there is to it!
Turmeric Smoothie #7
You may just add turmeric to your favorite smoothie to reap the benefits, or you can try the recipe we recommend:

1 tsp turmeric powder or fresh turmeric
2 tbsp of coconut flakes
12 coconut or almond milk 1 teaspoon maca root
a pinch of black pepper
12 cup frozen mango or pineapple
1 teaspoon hearts of hemp
Preparation method
Blend the ingredients indicated above in your blender to make your healthy turmeric smoothie!